Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blogger Buddies October

Yes it's that time again..... Same format one post from each blogger buddie (as listed on the sidebar from hell), which in my ancient, humble opinion was exceptional. However because my tastes are probably completly different to yours, I would urge you to visit the blogs yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Gnomes Lair
Always ready for a good belly is our Gnome (Still smelling of wet paint since the change to Beta), and this past month has seen no change in his ability to spot a sure fire side splitter in the shape of this rare Rowan Atkinson video.
Post: And now for something completely different
In the Gnomes own words "The funniest video Yotube has to offer."

Deixtrix Artworks
He's back for good (we hope) and despite missing character lists and the best efforts of a certain Gnome to introduce a BFG into a developing fantasy classic, I'm sure you'll have no problem spotting the potential in this piece of Concept Art
Post: The Lost Lair, the demon "Scelosat"

Dreamcast Junkyard
For everything you ever needed to know about the Dreamcast and were afraid to ask, and even some things your wife/mother/dominatrix wouldn't like you to see. But if your into Dreamcast, live breath, sleep and eat it..... or not! Sign up to help out on with the most ambitious project on the net. The World's First Dreamcast Wiki. Well what? your still here??
Post: Phase Two of Jumkyard Domination
Taking over the internet a dreamcast at a time

Gamer C
The most blissfully soothing, eyecandy addict friendly blog it's my pleasure to link to. Am remember Karima Adedibe? well she's (gulp!) blossomed.
Post: New Lara Croft Images #1
Post: New Lara Croft Images #2
I'm just now preparing a barge poll that she probably wont' touch me with, but hey a guys gotta try.

Quality not quantity is the order of the day, pro-gamer never fails to dissapoint, though I can't help thinking if we superglued him to his chair we may see more posts like:
Post: Final Fantasy VII expanding?
A look at the origins, rip-offs, and future of this gaming classic

Costume Get
discusssing the finer points of character costumes in video games, or lack of... ahem!
Post: The Parade of Embarassing Bikinis
the DOA xtreme2 shots you never saw, to rubbing tanning oil on in Sexy Beach 3

Translates to Smarter Than Your Average Gamer, A spot for intelligent video gaming and a source for the latest Gaming news, could this be the smartest homepage in the Universe?
Post: Watch and in-depth walkthrough of the Wii
Home fo the xbox 360 faceplate index and another blogger you'd like to superglue to his keyboard. Only one post since last update, but no less worthy
Post: Retro Atari 2600 Keychains
Old school games on a keychain, the mind boggles

Lame Gamer
..... a self confessed cranky geek with a passion for games, having played Lego Star Wars II his given his opinion, or how to involve the female in your life
Post: Lego Star Wars, Family Fun
Princess Leia Bitchslaps with the best of em

On the Horizon.........
Threads of Time (chapter four of Castlevania HeXeD Generation is just up!!!, shhh!!)

Barrier TV "Barrier" is a proposed science fiction television series created by Sheldon Whittaker, this site and the blog have being created in an attempt to gain public support, to get the project produced.

Wallpaper from A3 Korean Online Game........

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    gnome said...

    Another fine month with the chaps then... Thank you Mr. Elderly. Blush-provoking and eloquent as ever.


    The Elderly said...

    Your are most welcom oh wise and prolific Gnome you.....

    hands out free champagne.......)just a little something i rustled up here try some of this

    (displays a tray of beluga caviar)

    TheTimeRunner said...

    Thanks for the props in my department. I never realized how hard it would be to get an illistration.

    *keeps track of page viewer*

    DEITRIX said...

    Yah, I do my own illistrations and its hard for me to get them... ;)

    Thanks for the mention, Elderly!! (.. DEITRIX raises his pint of guiness from the back of the bar..)

    Gamer C. said...

    As always Elderly, a million thanks for the shout out. I just love the image you have for Blogger Buddies this month.

    gnome said...

    Caviar and champagne... How upper-class. Let me fetch something revolutionary, then...

    The Elderly said...

    Thank you all for such welcome and appreciative comments, I just hope that it drives some decent traffic to your most deserving sites.

    Indeed Timerunner may I introduce Deitrix who is a dab hand at producing rather haunting and professional images and a skilled manipulator of inherently static pixels......

    hey if you can't get decadent in Virtual space, what hope is there? For sheer decadence take a look at Gamer C's Karime Adedibe (lara croft)posts, brain burningly vivid..

    now just exactly where has Gnome gone.......(looks out the halldoor.....)

    DEITRIX said...

    Why thank you, thats quite the introduction!
    Gnome is currently in the bathroom getting my character list...
    (Grunting noises can be heard from down the hall)

    The Elderly said... that's what that smell is....(shouts out to Gnome)

    Turn on the fan for godsake!!!!!!

    (turns to Deitrix......)

    I'm glad now i wrote in black ink and block capitals..... problem is i used paper, it may have been digested..... lucky you had the razor sharp glass fibre legal pad


    DEITRIX said...

    (Yodeling can now be heard from down the hall)

    yes tea would be nice..

    TheTimeRunner said...

    Who's the almost naked woman on the blog posting? The miss's saw that and almost took my head off.

    gnome said...

    Ah... Don't really know Timerunner. Have you seen those papers Deitrix and Elderly are mumbling about?

    The Elderly said...

    gnome how the hell did you manage to pass the fibreglass legal pad?....... and why didn't you flush when your were finished.....

    Timerunner Ze partly unnaked lady is a teaser graphic for an online mmorpg Korean game, far as I know she hasn't a name. Sorry about the expanses of flesh but she insisted on disrobing for the screenshot.... women!! tsk!!

    timerunner is perfectly safe in here mrs ammm timerunner... though you may want to monitor his computer usage for the next Cosplay post....

    (pours a nice hot cup of tea for Deitrix..... whispers) time to move to plan B.......(elderly winks)

    gnome said...

    (gnomes sees elderly winking and smiles knowingly)


    The Elderly said...

    (elderly spots gnomes knowing smile and raises him an enigmatic shoulder shrug.....)