Saturday, February 11, 2006

Game costumes and the wrinkly bikini

Found this treasure of a blog, yes about the pro and cons of game costumes. The author Wataru Maruyama works for IGN but has a passion for game costumes based on the following philosophy.

1) The ideal costume looks cool, but also has a soul.
2) Overall aesthetics of the game also come into play.
3) A great costume can make a good game great or a bad game warrant a rental.
4) Unlockable outfits must be worth the trouble of obtaining it and playing through the game multiple times.

Scarily some of his posts are simlar in style to my own, but the upsetting part is he posted them first. Upsetting because I'm begining to think I'm a Maruyama clone, must lie down. The relevance of the Stars post? Mr. Maruyama is a Stars fan.

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Genni said...

Wataru Maruyama is a genius.

Great work done on costumes. He is really a wonderful author too.

The philosophy is just Marvelous.

I liked your post a lot.

Anonymous said...

what movie is that

Elderly Gamer said...

RE 5 Retribution me thinks... though Jill Valentine actress Sienna Guillory, was in Re Afterlife an RE Apocalypse as well