Tuesday, January 17, 2006

PS2 Japanese releases February 2006

From Top to bottom

1. Sengoku Basara2
Sequel to the Dynasty Warriors style beat-'em-up series for the PlayStation 2, set during the Sengoku War period in Japan. Official Website (japanese), wallpapers (4) click last Japanese characters on bottom left of webpage. Due 9th February 2006.

2. Bleach
Based on the popular manga of the same title.
Due 16th February Official website (asx trailers).

3. Clannad
Love relationship adventure IGN link featuring one video. Official Website with character profiles. Due 23rd February.
And nothing to do with the Irish band of the same name Clannad.ie

4. Gensosuikoden V
RPG set for release 23rd February. Official Website, character profiles and downloadable content including movies, game music and banners. Described elsewhere as a romantic adventure rpg sim.

5. Sonic Riders
Set for release 23rd February, best I can find for an official website. Preview on gamespot

6. Disgaea2
The original a collector's item. Official website with goodies, and the following old previews from IGN and Gamespot.

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