Saturday, January 21, 2006

Xbox360 Translation: Premium equals Cheap

Finally got my xbox360. First impressions? frustrating and also the reason I'm updating in the wee small hours.

Premium vs. Cheap
What's with a premium package offering no optical cable, no RGB scart AV cable, no usb cable, no free Microsoft points (the xbox360 currency), no extended membership for existing xboxlive customers. What did I get? A free window sticker!!. Perhaps one of the Microsoft execs could check the meaning of the word premium (hint: of superior Quality or value). Instead I got cheap.

Connectivity issues
It took me 3 hours (chasing forum leads and google searches) to figure out I couldn't connect to xboxlive because my routers firewall setting (which was fine for the xbox) needed to be set lower to allow the 360 update. None of the documentation mentions it, it was only on a hunch that I finally solved it.

Microsoft points
To ensure commerce runs more smoothly on xboxlive, Microsoft have come up with an new currency. Microsoft Points are available to purchase at a current exchange rate of 80 points for $1.
Don't get me wrong I have no difficulty paying for game music or xboxlive arcade games. But having forked out a bundle for the system, and an extortionist price for two games, being asked to pay 10 cents for a tiny picture for a gamercard, you realise begging just took on a whole new image. If i'd have known Microsoft were that cash strapped, I'm sure I could have organised a whip round. Good article on Microsoft points from Joystiq

Problem I now face is that first impressions last.

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