Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tomb Raider: Legend Lara's back!!! sometime

This would be Tomb Raider 7 (if we count the last bomb they dropped) and the peoples on Gamespot have been lucky enough to get a quick hands on of two levels, described in following Preview on Gamespot.

A Spring release date is backed up by the latest press release issued by Eidos suggesting you check the official Website from April on. So I checked it straight away, nice, with it's main feature a fully rotating 3d model of Lara, but annoyingly you have to register to see it, so I didn't.

So where are the trillion screenshots and the squillion videos? well there are surprisingly very few. IGN have an itsy bitsy 2.8mb vid for non registered visitors, but no images. To cut it short the definitive collection of anything you ever needed to know (at the moment) about the forthcoming Tomb Raider is to be found on tombraiderchonicles.com.

I'll leave you with the following from Chip Blundell, Vice President of brand marketing at Eidos.

"In setting the stage for the Tomb Raider franchise moving forward, we took ourselves back to Lara's origins, asked ourselves the hard questions and challenged ourselves to think differently," said Chip Blundell, vice president of brand marketing, Eidos Inc. "Who is Lara Croft? What makes her tick? How is she relevant today?"

Okay the lack of coverage is bad enough but the moving forward, Lara tick bit, that's got me freaked.
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