Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Devil May Cry3 update set for US not Europe Booo!

Features of the Special Edition include an optional 20% increase in game speed, a new playable character, a "very hard" mode and a new boss character amongst other premium content. An update not to miss then for fans of the series.

Capcom it appears at present believe only Americans are worthy of an updated special edition of Devil May Cry3. I am hoping that this is not a complete embargo on a European release, and that it takes a little longer to produce a PAL version of the game. But there isn't a single mention of the update on Capcom's European site. So I'm not convinced. May I remind Capcom of the handsome profit they made following the release of Devil May Cry3 in Europe. And that any European review of Devil May Cry4 would of course include information on the missing Special Edition.
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