Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Black (ps2, xbox) hands on preview

From ps2 boomtown, who has managed to get a hands on both a ps2 and an xbox demo. Still waiting for an Xbox360 preview, but this article should give you some indication of what to expect. Now I need to figure out how you get free demos from game companies, because would truly be a gamer's heaven.

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Draft give me a demo to play letter.

Dear (selected game company)

As an elderly gamer, I have come to the realisation that I'm much closer to kicking the bucket than many other people I know. As you can imagine this fact has created some degree of alarm. Alarm not at leaving this mortal coil, but the very real chance that i'll be dead before your fantastic game hits the market.

As my time grinds to it's inexorable end it has struck me that now would be a perfect opportunity for your game company to allow me the privilege to review your amazing new game (insert title). Just like the 232 other websites with a preview copy of (insert title) your upcoming undoubtedly exceptional product, I believe I have the necessary qualifications (eyes ears website, and a measurable pulse ) to give a valuable insight into your forthcoming undoubted smash hit. I await your reply with breathless anticipation (luckily I have been prescribed an inhaler). Yours truly

The elderly Gamer

ps. soon to be The elderly gamer RIP

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