Thursday, January 05, 2006

Project Zero3 review The Tormented

The Original Project Zero (Fatal Frame3) was the only game which ever scared me enough to turn the console off. It was that seemingly unscripted silent movement of one of the ghosts out of the corner of the screen which spooked the living bejany out of me. Well the third instalment is in stores and the kind people at Worthplaying have reviewed it and I've just added it to my wish list. According to the developers Tecmo
"the player takes on the role of Rei, a cursed young woman whose overwhelming guilt and tormented dreams lead her into a formidable world where the lines between reality and nightmares are blurred and the only way out is to solve the mystery of the tattoo. What the player will see in Rei’s dreams is only the beginning of the nightmare, making Fatal Frame III: The Tormented the most terrifying virtual experience to date"

Full Review on Worthplaying who awarded the Title a healthy 8.5/10
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