Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tomb Raider: Legend Box art, aim icons ho hum!

From top to erm! bottom.

Earlier web interpretations,
the finished product.
Front and Back model view.

Lest we forget, the Official Website unfortunately you have to register to view the entire site, but the measly two wallpapers and two aim icons (economic) are available to everyone. Due for release spring (yeah I'm tired of hearing that too) 2006.

Note to Eidos, if people are going to visit the Legend site, you must admit they have more than a passing interest in purchasing your product. Asking people to register gets up people's noses . Why should they register? Your the one selling the product. Two wallpapers and two aim icons is a very good impression of skimpy. To be fair your website is extraordinarly sleek, but registration to download a fan kit or see a 3d representation of Laura, I think not. Use an alternative method to gather your marketing information. Considering the last outing, you could do with attracting some positive interest.

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