Saturday, January 07, 2006

Peter Moore vs. Major Nelson the interview

Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson (who? see Major interviews Peter Moore (of xbox360 and baking bread fame). Notably the interview is available as a podcast from the Major's site.

Peter Moore on the 360 Launch:
"Obviously I think it went great. Clearly we've created what, for many people, is a cultural phenomenon … We have obviously stoked demand for a product, and we're clearly struggling to keep up with supply right now. I am a lot more optimistic over the next few weeks that we're getting more and more inventory in; particularly into the US and Western Europe, where the demand continues to be at an almost unprecedented level."

Yep "stoked" is a good word, "enfuriated" is another good word.
"Cultural phenomenon" yes I agree the 360 shortages are indeed a cultural phenomenon.
"struggling" is a good word too, "failing" is another

Peter Moore on shortages:
"I've had a tremendous amount of e-mail from consumers who were fortunate enough to get one at launch, or shortly thereafter, that are having an incredible time with the box."

Someone hold me back.......................................

"I've also had some emails from folks that are disappointed that they can't get one. I want to apologize to folks that expected to get one but can't, and I want to reassure them that we're continuing to do everything we possibly can to continue to bring in, by all means possible—whether it's air or sea freight—as many consoles as we can over the next few months."

Note the use of tremendous and some, would that be spin doctoring I wonder?.

Dear Peter Moore
As one of the "folks" your cursory apology offers no solace or reassurement. For shame. You gotta have em to ship em Petey!!! and it looks like your two factories and your "on target" manufacturing schedule isn't enough to meet an easily forecastable demand.

High blood pressure isn't good for the elderly, so before I go lie down for a while may I ask the assembled amateurs in the Microsoft Press Office to get Petey to tell us when we can walk into a shop and buy a console off the shelf!. That would be a valuable press release for us "folks"and would go someway to restoring loyalty in the Xbox brand.

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