Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Oblivion" March release, Senility sets in.

Joystiq.com were granted exclusive access to an admittedly unfinished demo of the game in the bowels of the CES convention in Las Vegas. Link to Joystiq preview

Did they like it?
Hint: the following quote from the preview.
"Oblivion will blow you away"

March.........so far away, will I have a xbox360 by then? can I wait that long?
Of course I could suggest that you download a selection of screenshots and the mp3's and arm yourself with the xbox controller. Set the screenshots to slide and the mp3's to repeat, sit back moving your head side to side while mashing on the controller. But this would indeed be the first sign of senility. Click the screenshot above for a psp wallpaper sized image.

Download the latest mp3's from the Bethesda site.
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