Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Enchant Arm (Xbox 360) fails to charm in Japan

Famitsu the most respected video games mag in Japan and famous for it's unmercifully tough grading system (4 reviewers with 10 points to award each) failed to succumb to the next-gen graphics and gameplay of Enchant Arm awarding it just 29/40 (72%)

Enchant Arm set for release in Japan on the 12th of January and a spring release in the West, comes from the same team that brought us Otogi. Like most Japanese RPGs, the game is turn-based in style and uses a grid layout for its battle system. Turns are carried out in a theatrical Final Fantasy-like style, complete with a heavy dose of top-of-the-line special effects.

Famitsu have posted three pages of enchant arm loveliness here, however you'll need your Japanese English dictionary to read the text.

Pity............. but I'll probably still buy it, but not at top whack . So if you see an old geezer with his head in the bargain bin come Christmas, stop and say hi!. Be friendly to the elderly.

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