Saturday, January 14, 2006

Tell the Elderly

There's bound to be something I haven't covered, a website I should have listed, or a game that's fallen through the cracks. Maybe I haven't featured something your passionate about and would like to see more often.

Keep it on topic (gaming related), remember it's a family blog and I'll post it as a separate item on the site in it's very own post, including your name and any other details you wish included. Leave your item in the "post a comment" link below and check back to see the fruits of your labour. Help the elderly, you know it's a nice thing to do.

The Elderly Gamer

People who have helped the elderly so far

avid x3ro supplied the info for the post "xbox360 custom wallpapers"
Deitrix freelance games frontline correspondent and Artist

and nobody else! (sniff!)


DEITRIX said...

here's the wonderful add to your Darkness my friend....

make sure to watch the whole thing too...!

DEITRIX said...

God of War II review up..!
9.7 Looks good.

Post for Father Krishna- he has never seen God of War....?? Poor Bastard must be locked in a dungeon!

The Elderly said...

hello Deitrix how are you? excellent link!! thank you

it'll be up an running tommorrow, Fk's in for life it appears unless we can organise a prison break.... lol!