Sunday, January 29, 2006

Uninstalling FFXI beta from your 360 Hardrive Yikes!

In response to lost from the shoutbox (see sidebar) If you've gone through the labourious and painful 2 hour installation process, ended up running around with a question mark and no weapons for another 2 hours, attempted to chat up a female furry without the benefit of a usb keyboard, and soon realised she was a he.

You like me may have reached the end of your tether with FFXI beta. Well beleive me you haven't reached the end of your tether just yet. Try looking for the 4.5gb bundle on your hard drive, and you guessed it, you can't find it to delete it from you xbox360 dashboard. Amazing lack of foresight on behalf of Microsoft and the Official Xbox360 magazine team, not that the magazine had left me with any impression of brilliance.

Apparently the only way to delete this monster is with the installation disc. So for all that's precious in your gaming life, DO NOT! lose your installation disc. I've been reliably informed (but can't confirm as of yet) that you can uninstall from the playonline viewer. I'm going to give it a little more time before I press the panic button (to give the game a fair chance), but if the uninstall leaves so much as a feline hair on my hardrive someone is going to be hearing from an irate old man.

Of course if anybody has already achieved this feat please leave a comment below, in particular has the uninstall deleted all the content. I'll update this piece if I chose to uninstall and tell you all how it went.

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markus87 said...

Hi there, It is true that the program can be removed through the disc, as I've done it myself. I had lost the cd key so the program was rendered completely useless for me. I was confused though as I didn't see any increase in hard drive space, and remained at 11 Gigs.

Timmymna said...

Thanks for this:D Was just looking for a way to get rid of it, appears to removed everything. Thankfully doesn't take anywhere near how long it took to install.