Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Splinter Cell "Double Agent" Sam but not as we know him

A new direction for the Splinter Cell franchise. Hmm! But then new directions are good, Resident Evil 4 for example. New directions inspired by Re4 may be even better. What is he goofing on about I hear you ask. Well a preview of the next instalment of Splinter Cell is available on Eurogamer. You'll see what I mean

Gamespots Essential Guide (magazine style tips)

Eurogamer preview Splinter Cell

But the gifted clever PR savy Ubisoft gave more than one interview. See the best of the rest

IGN preview
Gamespot preview
1up preview with Trailer, screenshots and kitchen sink
Fragdolls preview with an mp3 of the interview

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DEITRIX said...

Next week this game will be in my hands!! I've been holding out on buying any games since Oblivion.. Now the next 3 weeks is filled with new releases all probably running for 360 game of year...

The Elderly said...

might wait a bit longer for this, planning a bargain price purchase of enchanted arms next... you'd think i'd have enough of rpg's by now....